Served With Legal Papers?
We Can Help!

Served With Legal Papers? We Can Help!

Have You Been Served With Divorce Papers or Child Custody/Child Support Papers in San Antonio TX or Bexar County?
Need Immediate Help & Have a Lot of Questions? We Can Answer Them With One Phone Call!
We Specialize in Helping You Understand the Legal Process and Procedures without the need for an attorney!
That's why we're called "Out of Office Solutions." We will help you get through your entire case without having to acquire an attorney or going to a law office.
Out of Office Solutions in San Antonio, Texas, is a legal assistance office that will help you through the entire process of your case. For example: preparing Legal Documents, gathering evidence, conducting legal research, and investigations. Our office will file all documents within the court system. Our office will assist you in preparing for your court date.

Please call us immediately if your court papers gave you a tight deadline to respond. It is never a good idea to go to court unprepared and empty-handed. A case preparation will make a world of difference for your case. Our office will make sure that you ARE prepared.

OUR EXPERTS ARE HERE FOR YOU AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Remember, attorneys will charge by the hour and they do have hidden fees, so your invoices will add up. We do not charge by the hour, nor do we have any hidden fees.

Our office will follow the Process, Protocol and Procedures allowed by the Texas family statutes.

ALL OF OUR CONSULTATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE! If you cannot come to our office, we will come to you to explain the entire process! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a meeting. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!